The New and Improved Ultrasonic Vaporiser


Essential’s in-a-box have updated their highly popular ultrasonic vaporiser, making it more modern and user friendly. The unit continues to function as a vaporiser, diffuser and air purifier, but no longer performs as an ioniser. The obvious change comes in the form of two new buttons to simplify the function of the unit: the power button and the lamp button. Press the power button once and the unit will switch on and begin to emit cold vapour. Press the button twice for an intermittent mode (30 seconds on and 30 seconds off) and press it a third time to switch the unit off. For the LED light button, pressing the button once causes the unit to continuously change colours, pressing it a second time sets a desired colour and a third press causes the light to switch off.

This easy-to-use unit still comes in three gorgeous colours: white, blue and pink. The compact and ultra sleek design compliments the style of any room while emitting a vapour strong enough to reach the far corners of the average bedroom. The release of the cold vapour does not cause any condensation, there is a maximum operating time of 8 hours and there are absolutely no safety concerns with the handy automatic switch off.

Ultrasonic Vaporiser – White
Ultrasonic Vaporiser – Pink
Ultrasonic Vaporiser – Blue

It has just arrived and we absolutely love it. All you need is water and a few drops of your favourite essential oil (ours is Happiness!). These units retail for AU$89.95 each and are available at With winter coming up, this is the perfect device to keep your loved ones happy and healthy!