Enhance your Massage with Aromatherapy

When you go for the odd massage every once in a while, who doesn’t enjoy a lovely scent in the massage oil that also helps set the mood for a heavenly experience? Massage therapists will often incorporate essential oils into their massage oils for physical, emotional and spiritual purposes, not to mention that fact that it naturally smells wonderfully pleasant. The benefits of massage combined with essential oils provide a therapeutic effect on the skin and muscles, in addition to assisting in the relief of emotional stress. It is well known that the inhalation of an essential oil may influence emotions and attitudes, however it may also assist individuals with physical ailments. This can be experienced through aromatherapy massage, where the essential oil is rubbed into the skin with a carrier oil, which can promote relaxation, improved circulation and reduce pain or inflammation.

The following products are body oil mists from Essentials In-A-Box which have been therapeutically formulated to assist in the way the label says using carrier oil and pure essential oils. They are designed to naturally enhance the massage experience.

Anti-Aging Body Oil Mist $29.95 AUD

A number of essential oils are known for their benefits in helping to speed the regeneration of skin cells, making them useful for slowing and repairing the effects of ageing, as well as serving to help heal skin injuries. Various essential oils also have noted anti-oxidant effects, reducing the ‘free radical’ damage suffered by the skin from excessive UV exposure and other lifestyle factors. The essential oils in Anti-Aging Body Oil Mist all share these benefits in promoting a healthy and youthful appearance.

Comprising a blend of the finest essential oils of Myrtle Sweet, Lavender True, Rose Damask, Cistus, Frankincense, Patchouli, Geranium and Calendula extract, in a base of pure Almond Sweet oil and Coconut oil fractions.

Calming Body Oil Mist $29.95 AUD

This fragrant essential oil blend will help to calm and cool stressed and frayed nerves. Calming Body Oil Mist helps to relieve nervous tension, stress, and can help with difficulty in sleeping and tension headache.
Comprising a blend of Lavender True, Mandarin, Bergamot, Marjoram Sweet, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile German, Chamomile Roman and Sandalwood Australian, in a base of pure Almond Sweet oil and Coconut oil fractions.

Invigorating Body Oil Mist $29.95 AUD

An invigorating blend to stimulate, refresh and awaken the body, mind and spirit. Invigorating Body Oil Mist is a blend to use wherever a boost is needed after too much work, sport and mental fatigue, whenever one needs to be refreshed and revived. Invigorating Body Oil Mist can also be used in preparation for whenever physical or mental challenges are to be met.
Comprising a blend of Rosemary Moroccan, Pine Scotch, Lemon, Tea Tree, Peppermint and Cinnamon Leaf, in a base of pure Almond Sweet oil and Coconut oil fractions.

Massage these body oil mists all over your body after a shower or before bed in order to allow the oil to seep into the skin and assist any muscle aches or pains, inflammation or stress. When you realise the benefits of aromatherapy incorporated into massage, you will never want to have a  normal massage again!