Enhance your Massage with Aromatherapy

When you go for the odd massage every once in a while, who doesn’t enjoy a lovely scent in the massage oil that also helps set the mood for a heavenly experience? Massage therapists will often incorporate essential oils into their massage oils for physical, emotional and spiritual purposes, not to mention that fact that it naturally smells wonderfully pleasant. The benefits of massage combined with essential oils provide a therapeutic effect on the skin and muscles, in addition to assisting in the relief of emotional stress. It is well known that the inhalation of an essential oil may influence emotions and attitudes, however it may also assist individuals with physical ailments. This can be experienced through aromatherapy massage, where the essential oil is rubbed into the skin with a carrier oil, which can promote relaxation, improved circulation and reduce pain or inflammation.

The following products are body oil mists from Essentials In-A-Box which have been therapeutically formulated to assist in the way the label says using carrier oil and pure essential oils. They are designed to naturally enhance the massage experience.

Anti-Aging Body Oil Mist $29.95 AUD

A number of essential oils are known for their benefits in helping to speed the regeneration of skin cells, making them useful for slowing and repairing the effects of ageing, as well as serving to help heal skin injuries. Various essential oils also have noted anti-oxidant effects, reducing the ‘free radical’ damage suffered by the skin from excessive UV exposure and other lifestyle factors. The essential oils in Anti-Aging Body Oil Mist all share these benefits in promoting a healthy and youthful appearance.

Comprising a blend of the finest essential oils of Myrtle Sweet, Lavender True, Rose Damask, Cistus, Frankincense, Patchouli, Geranium and Calendula extract, in a base of pure Almond Sweet oil and Coconut oil fractions.

Calming Body Oil Mist $29.95 AUD

This fragrant essential oil blend will help to calm and cool stressed and frayed nerves. Calming Body Oil Mist helps to relieve nervous tension, stress, and can help with difficulty in sleeping and tension headache.
Comprising a blend of Lavender True, Mandarin, Bergamot, Marjoram Sweet, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile German, Chamomile Roman and Sandalwood Australian, in a base of pure Almond Sweet oil and Coconut oil fractions.

Invigorating Body Oil Mist $29.95 AUD

An invigorating blend to stimulate, refresh and awaken the body, mind and spirit. Invigorating Body Oil Mist is a blend to use wherever a boost is needed after too much work, sport and mental fatigue, whenever one needs to be refreshed and revived. Invigorating Body Oil Mist can also be used in preparation for whenever physical or mental challenges are to be met.
Comprising a blend of Rosemary Moroccan, Pine Scotch, Lemon, Tea Tree, Peppermint and Cinnamon Leaf, in a base of pure Almond Sweet oil and Coconut oil fractions.

Massage these body oil mists all over your body after a shower or before bed in order to allow the oil to seep into the skin and assist any muscle aches or pains, inflammation or stress. When you realise the benefits of aromatherapy incorporated into massage, you will never want to have a  normal massage again!




Spray here and there with Aromatherapy Spray Mists

Happy Friday everyone!

If you are a frequent visitor of this blog, you would know that I’m constantly talking about the ways we can use aromatherapy on-the-go in order to manage ourselves and our hectic lifestyles. There is no doubt that the scent of a pure essential oil can have an impact on our moods and emotions, and for some people it has a particularly powerful effect on their mental state. Although rest and relaxation naturally needs to be included in your daily routines, it’s also important to recognise the benefits of aromatherapy and how it can be used outside of the home so that it’s available anytime. Fortunately in this day and age we have the option of using aroma pendants, USB car diffusers and other devices, but what appears to be more beneficial are the aromatherapy spray mists.

What exactly are aroma spray mists, I hear you ask? The spray mists contain essential oil blends that are designed to assist you in the way the label says. Mostly relevant for women, they are easy to stash away in a handbag and serve the function of hydrating your skin and setting your mineral make up for an enhanced, longer-lasting effect. It is also important to note that the essential oils used are of the highest quality and especially diluted so as not to cause any unwarranted skin reactions or to dry skin. Some people tend to apply pure essential oils onto their skin undiluted, however this is not advised because it can sometimes burn or dry out the skin if it reacts negatively. The spray mists are completely safe to spray on your face or body, delivering moisture to your skin plus a therapeutic scent that stimulates the senses. Basically it is the ultimate multi-tasking device for women everywhere, and (you guessed it!) is so easy to use. Spray it a couple of times onto your face or body in a time of need, and it will instantly be absorbed into your skin.  They can even be used as an air freshener in your car or home to deliver a beautiful, fresh fragrance.

Essentials In-A-Box Australia has a range of face and body mist sprays containing specifically blended essential oils to help you through every moment of the day. Each spray retails at $29.95 AUD.

Energise Mist contains Basil oil, black pepper oil, lime oil, spearmint oil, sweet orange oil, rosemary oil
Energise Mist contains Basil oil, black pepper oil, lime oil, spearmint oil, sweet orange oil, rosemary oil
Console Mist contains Ylang Ylang, Chamomile Roman,Frankincense, Vetiver, Melissa Leaf Reconst.
Elevate Mist contains Jasmine Sambac, Neroli, Bergamot,Patchouli and Marjoram
Elevate Mist contains Jasmine Sambac, Neroli, Bergamot,Patchouli and Marjoram
Confidence Mist contains Rose geranium oil, litsea oil, sweet orange oil, frankinscense oil, white grapefruit oil
Confidence Mist contains Rose geranium oil, litsea oil, sweet orange oil, frankinscense oil, white grapefruit oil.
Clarity Mist contains fragonia oil, pine scotch oil,peppermint oil, lemon myrtle oil.
Clarity Mist contains fragonia oil, pine scotch oil,peppermint oil, lemon myrtle oil.
Balance Mist contains Rose Blg, Lemon,Cypress, Clary Sage, Geranium Bourb
Balance Mist contains Rose Blg, Lemon,Cypress, Clary Sage, Geranium Bourb

Just as a recap, the functions of spray mists are:

  • Hydrates the skin
  • Sets and enhances makeup
  • Stimulates the senses
  • Safe to use on your face, body and as an air freshener
  • Stored in a conveniently-sized bottle that can be stashed in your handbag

Now that you know all about the amazing functions of aromatherapy spray mists, its your turn to try it! Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

Sensual Essential Oils for V-Day


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is probably the most appropriate time to discuss the link between aromatic scents and romantic pleasure. Although defined by their therapeutic properties, some essential oils carry aphrodisiac properties- that is, assisting in the increase of sexual desire or enjoyment through the inhalation of scent. The scent reaches our hypothalamus in the brain which regulates sexual desire, feelings of pleasure and hormone release which can help you and your partner harness the romance this V-Day.

Essential oils may be used in a diffuser, added in a massage oil when diluted with a carrier oil, placed in a warm bath or sprinkled onto sheets and pillows to enjoy in the bedroom. Here are the top essential oils that are sure to provide sensuality and romance this Valentine’s Day:


This ancient oil, which is often used as an incense in temples and churches, has meditative and relaxation properties. In addition, it is one of the most potent aphrodisiacs with its woody aroma and is typically used as a fragrance for men. The inhalation of the scent will help calm your emotions and clear your headspace while enhancing your emotional and physical connection with your partner. Place a couple drops in a bath or use in a massage oil for the both of you to enjoy.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang oil is known for producing feelings of self-confidence and may eradicate feelings of fear and anxiety. It is a natural aphrodisiac due to its sweet, floral-balsamic aroma which aims to invigorate and may assist in overcoming sexual difficulties. Petals of ylang ylang are often strewn across the beds of brides and grooms in Indonesia in order to set a romantic tone for the evening.


The pinnacle of Valentine’s Day. The fragrant scent of rose oil has been used in wedding rituals and to court lovers for centuries, as it is a natural aphrodisiac which can increase feelings of sexual desire and can be effective in regulating hormones and emotions. It is a symbol of love and romance, and the oil is perfect when added to a warm bath or used for a sensual massage.


The Jasmine flower is typically associated with romance and love because of its sweet, floral scent and aphrodisiac qualities. Jasmine promotes feelings of romance and emotional connections through its impact on hormones and chemical reactions. Like rose, jasmine is a floral absolute and hence a large amount of jasmine petals is required in order to create a small quantity of the absolute.


The earthy scent of patchouli was popular in the hippie era of the 60’s as an aphrodisiac, but actually originated in the 19th century as a base note in perfumes. Patchouli may assist in overcoming sexual difficulties through improving sexual desire and is perfect for both men and women to reignite a spark in the bedroom.

Essentials In-A-Box has the perfect aphrodisiac blend for you and your partner (actually named Aphrodisiac), featuring the sensual scents of Lavender, Orange Sweet, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine Grandiflorum absolute, Cedarwood Atlas and Jojoba. The blend seeks to enhance sexual energy and stimulate passion, and can be added to a massage oil, a warm bath or can simply be inhaled through a diffuser. Note: As this contains pure essential oils (undiluted), it is best to only add a few drops to a carrier oil or a bath in order to avoid skin irritation.

Aphrodisiac Oil Blend 15ml $25 AUD.
Aphrodisiac Oil Blend 15ml $25 AUD.

 Just until Valentine’s Day, Essentials In-A-Box is offering free freight for any purchase that includes an Aphrodisiac blend. All you need to do is visit in-a-box.com.au and enter the coupon code VDAY16 on Checkout.

A very Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!







Chromotherapy: Does it really work?

You may have heard of ‘colour therapy’ or ‘chromotherapy’, being a practice which utilises colour to balance the energy in areas of your body that require vibrancy on a spiritual, physical, mental or emotional level. It promotes the relationship between colour and its effect on individuals, and hence explores how colour can assist in the healing process of a physical or mental ailment. Typically considered pseudoscience, chromotherapy lacks the scientific evidence of being regarded as an effective practice despite the fact that it has been around for centuries. There is inconclusive proof to demonstrate its legitimacy in treating certain illnesses and diseases such as cancer, but a link has been established between colour and psychological response. Some scientists believe that colour therapy may be useful when treating psychological disorders such as minor depression and also headaches due to the vibrations that the colour sends through your body.

According to Samina Yousuf Azeemi and Mohsin Raza in the journal ‘Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine’, each organ and body part represents a different colour which can be used to correct a chakra imbalance in that specific area when exposed to the colour light.


Azeemi and Raza mention that ‘any departure from that vibratory rate results in pathology, whereas restoring the appropriate energy levels to the physical organs results in a healed body’. They are essentially communicating that any deviation in the normal vibration frequency suggests that the body has become plagued with a physical or mental ailment that can be restored if that assigned colour is exposed to the body part through light. Although this theory is dismissed by sceptics, there is no doubt that colour draws a particular emotion or mood from an individual, as illustrated by common descriptions such as ‘feeling blue’ or feeling ‘red hot’. There have been studies conducted which demonstrate that when people walk into a red coloured room, their heart rate increases and then decreases when placed in a blue coloured room. Some scientists even perceive a correlation between yellow street lights and crime, as yellow is considered a highly stimulating colour that hence may increase the crime rate. Therefore, despite the fact that chromotherapy is not widely considered as a legitimate alternative medicine, there seems to be merit in the theory behind the practice.

Arguably this practice can be compared to aromatherapy, which on the other hand is regarded as legitimate alternative therapy due to the proof of the power of scent. The symbolism of the colours utilised in chromotherapy represent the same principles behind Essential In-A-Box’s oil blends range. The oil blends seek to evoke the feelings associated with the colour on the packaging and do so through the inhalation of scent which is made up of 100% pure essential oils.

The following demonstrates the link between the essential oil blend, the packaging colour and symbolic benefits:

Vitality oil = Red

Stimulates and vitalises in order to assist with physical conditions such as low blood pressure, tiredness, anaemia and colds.

Vitality Oil Blend 15ml $25 AUD
Vitality Oil Blend 15ml $25 AUD

Happiness oil = Yellow

Increases feelings of happiness and sociability in addition to potentially assisting in the relief of constipation and arthritis.

Happiness Oil Blend 15ml $25 AUD.
Happiness Oil Blend 15ml $25 AUD.

Aphrodisiac oil= Orange

Warms and energises the soul by evoking sensual and enthusiastic feelings and may assist in the relief of rheumatism and stiffness.

Aphrodisiac Oil Blend 15m $25 AUD.
Aphrodisiac Oil Blend 15m $25 AUD.

Relaxation oil = Blue

Conveys peace and serenity and may also improve anxiety, migraines, sunburn and asthma.

Relaxation Oil Blend 15ml $25 AUD
Relaxation Oil Blend 15ml $25 AUD

Meditation oil = Violet

Cleanses and inspires personal and bodily control while potentially assisting in the relief of headaches and earaches.

Meditation Oil Blend 15ml $25 AUD.
Meditation Oil Blend 15ml $25 AUD.


Calming oil= Green

Calms and soothes the mind, and furthermore may improve breathing, heart disease, gastric ulcers and reduce chest pain.

Calming Oil Blend 15ml $25 AUD.
Calming Oil Blend 15ml $25 AUD.

Aromatherapy used in conjunction with colour therapy may improve your physical and/or mental condition with the combination of scent and colour. This is one of the reasons why Essential In-A-Box’s aromatherapy diffusers are capable of changing colours and they also allow you to set a colour of your choice in order to experience the benefits that the colour exudes.

Bamboo/Glass Diffuser $110 AUD. For a full list of Essential In-A-Box’s Diffusers, click http://www.in-a-box.com.au/Aroma-diffusers.
The aroma diffusers provide both aromatherapy and chromotherapy with the use of the oil blends range, so try them to see if the science of colour therapy works for you! For example, if you are struggling to sleep then turn the lights off in your room before you go to bed and set the diffuser onto the blue colour. The blue light will illuminate the room, creating a soft and soothing atmosphere to bring your heart rate down and relax your mind. Place a couple of drops of the Relaxation oil blend into the diffuser and discover whether it makes a difference in your ability to sleep. I would be surprised if it didn’t!