‘Tis the Season to not be Stressed


Christmas is the time of the year to spread joy and love, so why is stress a compulsory part of it? The numerous lists for presents, food preparation, and not to mention the attempt to make the holiday season as merry as it can be is exhausting and sends our stress levels into overdrive. Unless you are willing to boycott all celebrations and are planning to jump on to the next cruise to the Bahamas, you may experience some stress during the Christmas period. Here are some hefty hints to minimise the impending pressures:

  • Avoid alcohol, drugs and smoking. Not only are they detrimental to your health, but they tend to exacerbate problems and stress in the long term.
  • Eliminate caffeine from your diet. This is particularly important for those who suffer from anxiety as it can augment stress. Common products that have caffeine include coffee, cola products, tea and chocolate.
  • Be conscious of your breathing. If you find that it is becoming shallow, take five to ten deep breaths to increase the oxygen to your lungs.
  • Include exercise in your daily regime. Not only does it help in maintaining your fitness and stamina during the busy period, but it acts as a treatment to depression, anxiety and stress because it releases the natural, feel-good chemical called phenylethamine.
  • Don’t be scared to ask for help. If you are hosting a Christmas gathering or party, delegate tasks such as asking guests to bring a plate.
  • Write a Christmas day timetable.
  • Make a list of the gifts you want to buy. Construct a list before you go shopping to avoid wandering around aimlessly for extended periods of time. Purchase them already gift-wrapped if possible.
  • Prioritise your tasks. Make a list of the tasks which need urgent attention, and complete the most difficult tasks first. This will reduce any potential stress closer to the day.

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Remember to take care of yourself and to eat well, get enough sleep and stay hydrated. Good luck everyone and Merry Christmas!





Natural Woman, Penelope Sach (2002)

Six Ways to be more Mindful Today

Sometimes we need to stop and take a step back in order to regain control over our thoughts, feelings and the environment around us. We often become so caught up with what we are going to do next or fret about the past that we fail to enjoy the moment, and as a result, become stressed and emotionally sensitive. If we train ourselves to be mindful, it essentially involves focusing on the present and the surrounding environment to assist in relaxation, clarity and to relieve stress. Here are six easy ways to be mindful today to help you regain control:

1. Morning commute to work

While you are walking or taking a train, take a few moments to consider the environment. Listen to the sounds around you and focus on the scents. Become aware of the physical sensation of your feet pounding on the pavement, or your posture as you sit on the train.

2. In the shower

Make your shower time relaxation time by avoiding going through your to-do list and instead becoming aware of the temperature of the water running down your body and the way your skin feels. Be conscious about not using too much water and washing yourself thoroughly.

3. At your desk

Every few hours, consider your current state of productivity and level of focus. If you feel yourself becoming tired and less productive, take a few moments to stand up and walk over to another room to get a snack or a drink. This will provide an energy boost.

4. Waking up

Take a few minutes before getting up to become aware of how your body feels; do your muscles feel stiff, or sore? Do you feel refreshed and relaxed? Casting your mind to the present rather than to your tasks for the day reduces your stress levels and will help you cope with your daily activities.

5. Eating a meal

Chew your food slowly and properly in order to aid in better digestion. Become aware of the taste of the food and the effect it has when you swallow, and obey your body if it is telling you that you are full.

6. Waiting in a queue

Rather than waiting impatiently to get to the front, consider how waiting in line makes you feel. Are you frustrated, or even angry? Use this time to control your breathing by slowly inhaling and exhaling and to be mindful of your physical stance.

Use these opportunities to practice mindfulness on a daily basis to aid in controlling your emotions and to focus on your life in the present moment.