I Got Through My Exams….Now You Can Too

It has been roughly a year since I have completed my year 12 exams, and as much as I would prefer not to endure through that pressure again, I am going to have to suffer through law exams for the next five years. My immunity system has not been very strong since I was a child, and I know that in periods of immense stress and activity I need to take every precaution I can to prevent illness. Fortunately, I have finally discovered my solution which I am certain will help others too.

By a combination of luck, adamant refusal and through exercising extreme precautions, I did not fall sick once during year 12 or my exams. My regime to keep myself healthy included taking naps when I could, consuming a healthy diet with plenty of foods to give me energy, and some aromatherapy assistance. While I was studying, I would place a few drops of the Energy Oil Blend by Essentials In-A-Box into my aromatherapy diffuser in order to help me stay alert while studying, typically after school when I needed that extra boost of energy. The unique and spicy scent containing cinnamon leaf, fir needle, orange sweet and patchouli would awaken my senses, and considering I am not particularly fond of coffee, it was a great substitute. Sometimes I would alternate between that and the Concentration Oil Blend, which would help me enter into a focused headspace as the scent became synonymous with study. It contains rosemary, lemon and lavender and genuinely assisted in putting me into the mood to get work done.

At night if I was particularly stressed before an exam or class, I would put a Relaxation Oil Blend into a diffuser beside my bed to help me fall asleep. Focusing on the scent, which consists of bergamot, ylang ylang and lavender while controlling my breathing took my mind off any stress I was experiencing. Basically, I bombarded myself with scents from essential oil blends because I knew that being natural products, I would not experience any adverse effects. Initially I was slightly sceptical, but I discovered that the blends were effective in calming my nerves and helping me to relax. It only takes a minute to prepare too, which is convenient.

My mum also insisted that I apply magnesium oil to my body in order to relax my nervous system and to restore my magnesium levels. Apparently if you lack magnesium in your body, then applying magnesium cream or oil will cause your body to experience a strange tingling sensation. My arms were seriously feeling that tingle, especially on nights when I was sure I was going to be overcome by panic attacks (I was obviously incredibly serious about year 12). Essentials In-A-Box sells a Magnesium Oil Spritz which is easy to apply, and you simply need to massage it into the skin either in the morning or at night. Sometimes I applied it after my morning shower, and it doesn’t carry a discernible odour so it was safe to apply before going out for the day.

Now I am preparing for my law exams, and I already have my trusty aroma diffuser and row of essential oil blends sitting in my study area. For me, using aromatherapy is perfect because it only takes about a minute to put in the essential oils and turn on the diffuser, and using a magnesium oil spritz simply became a part of my daily routine. I would definitely recommend the usage of essential oils and magnesium to help you through stressful periods of work or exams, because it truly is an easy and natural way to help yourself.

Essentials In-A-Box has released an “Exam Stress Buster Pack” (featured above), containing Concentration, Energy and Relaxation essential oil blends in addition to a Magnesium Oil Spritz (250 ml). It is the perfect selection of products to help you survive through stressful periods, and only costs $75 for all four products. This is a must-try, and I can guarantee that there are only benefits involved in using these products-I have experienced them all.

Good luck with your exams and stay healthy, calm and positive. I wish you well!

By Laura