Are you getting your Magnesium fix?

Just like water and oxygen, magnesium is a vital element that is required by your body to function at its optimum. This mineral essentially benefits a multitude of functions including the promotion of a healthy immune system, the prevention of blood clots, the relaxation of muscles and to develop strong bones ( Startlingly, if your body is not receiving a sufficient amount of magnesium, the deficiency is found to be linked to osteoporosis, diabetes, heart problems and anxiety disorders. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the importance of consuming enough magnesium on a daily basis, and how it assists in combatting several health problems.

According to the National Health and Medical Research Council, adults require between 300-400 mg of magnesium per day. There are multiple ways of receiving the required intake, and Australian company Elektra Magnesium have created a gorgeous range of magnesium products which can be easily used on a daily basis. They have been specifically created to be applied directly on the body and are immediately absorbed in order to increase blood circulation, relieve pain in muscle and joints and to help your body relax and recover.

The products include:

Magnesium Oil Spritz (250ml)


This spritz is used to spray on to the body and can assist in blood circulation and relieving pain in muscles and joints. Seven sprays contain up to 400 mg of magnesium which is the average recommended intake for adults, and it also contains aromatherapy essential oils such as mandarin, juniperberry and rosalina. Available to purchase at for $18.10.

Elektra Magnesium Moisturiser Cream (100g)


Contains a blend of natural plant butters and oils combined with magnesium to maintain supple and hydrated skin. Functioning as an anti-aging cream, it is perfect for massage and dry skin and contains ylang ylang, patchouli and rose geranium. Can be used as a moisturiser all over the face and body to restore hydration to the skin. One dessert spoon (13g) delivers approx. 300mg elemental magnesium.

Available to purchase at for $15.90

Note: You may experience a ‘tingling’ or burning sensation when you apply these products to your body as it is an indication that you have a magnesium deficiency. This is completely natural, as the more your body requires it, the more tingly you will feel on the areas you have applied the product.



A Week with the Sniffles

In addition to being the season of cold weather and rain, it is also the season to be catching a cold, and in my case, the flu. I came down with a nasty dose of it last week and didn’t anticipate that I would still be bed-ridden a week later. The medications made me feel as though they were prolonging the pain, and I couldn’t stop myself from reaching for the tissues every minute. However, there were a few natural and harmless tools that I used to alleviate some of the symptoms.

Sniffles Oil Blend (15ml)
Sniffles Oil Blend (15ml)

I have always been an avid user of vaporisers when I have come down with a cold or respiratory problem. I used to keep a large one in the corner of my room to help me sleep when I was suffering from a cold or flu, and would put in a few drops of eucalyptus oil to help me breathe. I still stay true to my use of aromatherapy to assist me when I’m sick, but more recently I have been using an aroma diffuser. The ultrasonic aroma diffuser acts as a humidifier, vaporiser, air purifier and ionizer, and fortunately does not create condensation. I have had that operating in my room all day and night, and have used Essentials In-A-Box’s ‘Sniffles’ essential oil blend, which specifically addresses the symptoms of the flu. In my experience, it has been so beneficial. It contains eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender to provide anti-bacterial, decongestion and relaxation qualities. It has helped clear my stuffy nose so that I am able to breathe, assists in restoring moisture to my throat and it helps me fall asleep. Also, the scent doesn’t make me feel ill despite having it on all night, because there are some essential oil blends that are too strong to handle when you are already feeling slightly woozy. It’s actually quite a comforting smell, and you only need a few drops to immediately feel the effects of it. It also removes the sickly smell in the air that can come from being cooped up in your room all day, and gives it a lovely fresh scent.

Sniffles Balm (50g)
Sniffles Balm (50g)

In addition to using the diffuser and Sniffles oil, I used the Sniffles balm. It is essentially the Sniffles oil but in the balm form, meaning I could put it on my neck and chest to help with the unrelenting congestion in my chest and nose. I felt like a child again putting ‘Vicks’ vapour rub on my chest, but it works. What I love about this product in particular is that the scent isn’t sickeningly overpowering, which is important for me because I am not typically a fan of eucalyptus. Sleeping can be a nightmare with a cold or virus, but using Sniffles really helps.

Both methods are old-school and have been used since the beginning of time, but they are golden. They are also natural symptom alleviators, and inexpensive to purchase. Even if you are experiencing the onset of a cold or flu, put on a diffuser, add some Sniffles to it and it will help your own sniffle go away. Fortunately I am on the mend, but really cannot recommend these products more to those who are suffering from whatever is going around this winter!


Both products are suitable for adults and infants 2 years and over.

The Sniffles Balm can be purchased here:

The Sniffles oil blend can be purchased here: