Founded in 2005, ESSENTIALS IN-A-BOX is a Company renowned for innovation and consumer education in the field of Aromatherapy.

 The Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers (introduced by our Company in 2006) revolutionised the way consumers experience their aromatherapy, dispersing essential oils in their purest form, and fast becoming the market leader in aromatherapy dispensers.


Recognised nationally for our quality ingredients, our Aromatherapy range of blends, mists, massage oils and baby products are formulated with the purest essential oils sourced from all over the world. Our range of products assist in the management of a variety of health issues identified through our comprehensive market research.

 Our products have been formulated specifically for you. We have achieved this through our research conducted in what you desire out of aromatherapy. This centuries old way of healing, is the easiest most uncomplicated way of assisting you to optimise your health. There is no other natural medicine with a scent that is as divine as our Essential Oil Blends. Therefore they are constantly used not only for their therapeutic benefits but for their enigmatically beautiful perfume.


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Our Essential Oil Blends

I imagine you have arrived on this page as a result of seeking the benefits of essential oils, I understand. However my intuition tells me you already have some idea of the benefits. How do you feel each time you walk into a room and breath in the the faint smell of lime or lavender. I know my mood changes every-time. Of course the oils can be used for all sorts of reasons and you can blend your own, but understanding the effect each oil has will improve make it easier for you to create the harmony and ambiance in you space and at home.  For example Lavender oil is believed to have antiseptic and have anti-inflammatory properties which can be used to help heal minor burns and bug bites. It is by far the most popular. When I think of lavender it reminds me of my mother and how she would place a drop or two in my sock draw or on my pillow to calm me down at night.


Or the benefits of Sandalwood. One of my favorite things is to use my ultrasonic bamboo diffuser and place a couple of drops of Sandalwood into the water and cleanse my house for 8 hours at the start of each new Chinese year. It is said to clear the room and welcome in  “the New Feng Shui”. One of the best ways of creating beautiful, restful energy within the home is to generate a subtle waft of pure sandalwood aroma that is not too strong but which permeates your living space, gently pacifying whatever earth spirits may be causing problems to manifest in your life.

sandalwood-treeOffering incense to the cosmic forces is also an excellent way of dispelling obstacles so this is a very pleasing ritual to introduce into your daily or weekly routine. I recommend the use of sandalwood aroma to create a powerful spiritual ambiance that is very uplifting.

Ultimately whatever your favourite essential oil is or whether you can combine them and create the blend you like, we have put together a selection of blends that are based on years of research and customer preference and we have created blends that are perfect for whatever mood you want to create.

Our RELIEF blend combines the healing benefits of Lavendar, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang which has been formulated with to assist in the treatment of headaches and migraines. Read more here and shop our full range.