Athena Zolis, Founder and Director of Essentials In-A-Box is excited to announce her newest creation, the exclusive Ultrasonic Candle Diffuser. Easily manage stress, anxiety and aid relaxation with the use of aromatherapy in the privacy of your home, or simply enjoy the ambience of this modern candle that illuminates with a coloured led light.

Yet another first on the market, the product was created by Athena Zolis after five years of research, taking the public’s feedback regarding the most desired aromatherapy and diffuser products. Thus the Candle Diffuser was born. “We revolutionised the way people experience their aromatherapy some six years ago when we formally introduced the ultrasonic technology through aromatherapy diffusers. Now we have taken feedback from our consumers to introduce a very elegant design” says Athena Zolis, Founder and Director of Essentials In-A-Box.

The Candle Diffuser has a gorgeous patterned frosted glass casing and looks beautiful placed anywhere in a home or office. The diffuser has many features, and can be used as a humidifier, ioniser, air purifier and a night lamp. There isn’t any heating element so therefore no condensation is produced, and each diffuser has a built-in safety switch to turn the unit off when the water depletes. Each Candle Diffuser incorporates a multi-coloured led light which is operable on individual colour settings.  The unit operates for approximately 8 hours.

The unit is multi-functional and can be used with, or without, essential oils. When operating the unit with essential oils, the user can experience the many benefits associated with aromatherapy, a remedial treatment which originated in Europe and has been used to effectively alleviate a variety of conditions since the 1900’s. The Candle Diffuser is elegant, and brings the ambience of a candle into any room in a home or office, without the dangers of an open flame associated with wax candles.